About Our Products

Since 2009, Metro Janitorial Supply has been thriving as janitorial supplies, chemical, equipment distributor.

With our cost-effective and state of the art equipment, we offer our customers clean facilities and supplies for their every need.

Metro Janitorial Supply

Our Vision

We focus on fulfilling your future needs, where resource integration and application to individual facilities for enhancing facility maintenance are crucial. Our vision is to assist you in improving all aspects of your property maintenance including quality, productivity, operational efficiency along with cost-effectiveness while making Betco the leader in facility maintenance management.

Metro Janitorial Supply

A Reputation of Trust

Since 1950, Betco has built its reputation of trust and stability in manufacturing cleaning chemicals as well as equipment with its outstanding products and services. We have invented new product lines, equipment and also created innovative programs as well as services helping maintenance professionals enhance their facility management skills.